After months of rearing, nurturing and caring for the plants, the hemp flowers are ready to dry. Basically, the buds can be completely dried and consumed after a few days.

True professionals and enthusiasts however cure their crops which can significantly increase the quality of the product.


The three main arguments of curing are:


  1. The Process of curing destroys the chlorophyll in the plant, which gave it the fresh green color. The plant needs the growth of chlorophyll to convert the light into nutrients (photosynthesis). When smoking but this has only the effect that the smoke scratching the throat.
  2. The buds develop their full taste potential only when they can completely dry out and the chlorophyll is broken down.
  3. The odor note of the flower is considerably intensified in the curing process.


This ripening process takes about 4-6 weeks but can be continued over a good period of time in which the residual moisture in the flower is kept by at least 25%. Hemp in this case behaves like a wine and the smoke quality is significantly increased with age and maturity.


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